The ability to generalize past experience to new situations, to make inductive inferences, is central to what we think of as learning. We want children to know how to use what they have already learned to make successful judgments about new and less familiar circumstances. I hope that studying the process of generalization will tell us more about how children learn.

Chuck Kalish


Mathematical Cognition | Social and Personal Skills | Representations | STEM Learning | Statistical Learning | Social Cognition


I investigate the social, perceptual, and conceptual processes involved in learning with external representations with the goal to establish design principles for adaptive educational technologies that support these processes.

Martina Rau

Assistant Professor

Online Learning | Learning AnalyticsSTEM Learning | Big Data and Education | Computer-Supported Collaborative Learning | Scientific ModelingRepresentations | Embodied Cognition | Personalized Learning |Social and Personal Skills | Integrated STEM Education | Representational Fluency | Educational Data Mining | Human-Computer Interaction | Adaptive Educational Technologies