Swiecki Z 3_profile


Zach Swiecki is a PhD student in the Educational Psychology program at UW Madison. His area of study is Learning Sciences. Before entering into education research, Zach studied mathematics and physics at the University of Alabama-Tuscaloosa. During his studies, he became interested in education through his work as a physics and math tutor. Zach is currently in the Epistemic Games Group working on the development of engineering internship simulations.

Zach is interested in the way digital tools affect thinking. In particular he is interested in the design of virtual learning environments and the development of innovative assessment techniques within those environments. He is currently leading efforts on the design of virtual internships and tools that will allow teachers and curriculum designers to develop their own virtual internships.


Chesler, N.C., Ruis, A.R., Collier, W., Swiecki, Z., Arastoopour, G., & Shaffer, D.W. (2015). A novel paradigm for engineering education: Virtual internships with individualized mentoring and assessment of engineering thinking. Journal of Biomechanical Engineering, 137(2).